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Why do small businesses need social media marketing in 2022?

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When the pandemic first came upon us, business owners everywhere faced unspoken challenges. Especially women that run their own small or medium business. And as we are starting 2022, still under the sign of these unfathomable events, most people realized that social media marketing is the only thing that can help them keep their businesses, and moreover – their dreams – alive.

It is perfectly ok if you still feel reluctant when it comes to the online world and everything that an online business account implies. But that is why professionals are right here for you! With the right help and a true friend and expert by your side you will be able to understand how social media can help your business grow and how social media helps you generate revenue. All it takes is a leap of faith. We promise to be by your side and support you along your way to success!

Social Media Marketing – the answer to your biggest problem

If you are reading this, you certainly are an independent woman running her own business – and you are ready to do everything it takes for your business to succeed. 

We know that even in your most successful days you still have lots of thoughts keeping you up at night. Everybody goes through this and you are not alone!

As a business owner some days are better than the other, especially when you are the main character. Your favorite lipstick cannot compensate for you having to split into several separate directions to manage every aspect of your business. And not even the tastiest coffee will make up for your restless nights. It is all part of being a business owner and… sometimes it can be really overwhelming. It happens to us too, more than you would think.

There are days when you feel the need to simply focus on your work, on that activity that brings you joy and makes you feel whole. But, let’s be honest – in a business owner’s life most of the time is taken up by interacting with the clients, managing orders, taking phone calls. Let’s not even bring up having to come up with a content plan for your social media accounts, writing said content, taking pictures of your work and yourself and then schedule everything at the right time.

Social media marketing is an incredible thing that can help businesses grow tremendously, but when it takes up so much of your time and energy that it becomes your biggest enemy it might be a sign to reassess your priorities. When social media marketing becomes a burden and a problem it might be time to ask for professional help. We are just one phone call or email away – contact us!

We want to encourage you to take your business to the next level – where you can do your work in peace and be sure that your products or services will reach the right audience without you needing to go out of your way.

Who are we?

We are Biciusca Media and our mission is helping female business owners bring the authentic story of their product in the spotlight!

Our agency can be the answer to this big problem called social media marketing. Our main goal is helping you understand how social media generates revenue but also grows your business using all the amazing tools that social media provides for us.

While you are happily working on launching a new service or creating a new product that your customers will love, we will be there – on every social media platform relevant for your business growth – to publish relevant content, generate engagement and establish an online presence for your brand.

If you feel ready to expand your business you can contact us right away for an audit or directly for collaborations.

We truly believe in dreams coming true. This is why we aim towards creating a safe space, where our clients can be vulnerable while still being in control. A space where your wildest dreams and biggest desires can run free, knowing that they will become true – maybe even sooner than you expect!

How can Biciusca Media help your business grow?

Biciusca Media has already worked with a significant amount of business owners, helping them grow with the power of social media marketing.

Our agency has many resources and experience in making a brand truly visible in the online world. What makes us stand out from the rest is that we truly care for every one of our clients and we take all the time we – and they – need to understand their goals, their desires and what they want to achieve through social media.

Biciusca Media is so much more than a marketing agency. It is your opportunity to live your life to the fullest, generate revenue for your business and only do what you truly like!

We are more than excited to manage your social media accounts, write meaningful content, build you a complete website, write blog articles for you, help you set up an email marketing strategy and even help you design your business’ logo.

We are doing everything with great passion and with years of research and learning behind us. Being aware of our clients’ needs has helped us connect with them and their audiences and provide great results for their business.

Life as a business owner isn’t always easy, as some people might believe. Doubt, fear, lack of sleep, being overwhelmed – all these are valid emotions that you need to deal with. You deserve a successful business and a good work-life balance that keeps you productive and happy, focused on the activities that you actually enjoy doing in your business. And why not make your journey easier by taking a decision that will guarantee the fact that your message will get to the right customers?

Whenever you are ready to trust our agency with your social media accounts – and much more – we are here for you, working for your dreams. They are what makes your entire life worth living and we are here to help you reach all of your goals. Just give us a call!

oana biciusca

I'm Oana Biciusca.

Welcome to my digital home where you will find strategies, resources and most importantly, the PEOPLE who can deliver transformative results in your business through marketing done right.

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biciusca media content agency

I'm Oana Biciusca.

Welcome to my digital home where you will find strategies, resources and most importantly, the PEOPLE who can deliver transformative results in your business through marketing done right.

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oana biciusca

I'm Oana Biciușcă

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