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I’m Oana, founder of Biciusca Media, the brand that will make you memorable in your clients’ minds and persuade them to buy from you with strategic marketing and psychology-driven strategies.

Welcome to my digital home where you will find strategies, resources and most importantly, the PEOPLE who can deliver transformative results in your business through marketing done right.

Take the decision today to become visible online and generate conversions easily, while you leave your mark in this world.

Do you feel that your business could do so much more, you could positively impact so many people’s lives, but you just don’t know how to market yourself better to reach more people? Is the acquisition of new clients making you nervous and are tired of doing things on your own with no important results?

Then why not hire a team that can deliver results in less than a week to make your business stand out in the online environment?

Don’t worry, you will still be in control of your business, but you will have “an in-house” team that will do all the marketing work for you. No more insecurities, no more frustrations and questions that keep you up at night, no more feelings of unworthiness, just living authentically by doing the things you love in your business and see the results you were always waiting for.

Your business is like your child, you nourish it with your work, you do everything to create a positive experience for your customer, but it is too hard to do everything on your own and that is fine, you only need the right people in your business!

Be more confident in your business and start reaching out for your business goals by hiring a team of marketing experts that know step by step how to create massive results.

What can we do for your business?

Your work will finally be acknowledged and appreciated, your friends will congratulate you and you will have more time for yourself, for doing what you love in your business and for spending time with your family.


"I LOVE Instagram and making content, creative stories and engaging to promote my small business. It's why I think that if I hadn't had my photography business to take care of, I would have loved to be a Social Media Manager. But this takes so much energy and time that I couldn't focus on other very important parts of my activity, so I asked Oana for help. I wasn't very confortable doing it, because I'm really a control freak and how could anyone else but me do a better job at promoting MY work, my baby?

Oana actually made it pretty easy for me to calm down when she showed so much professionalism in handling my Social Media account! She creates great content for my niche, and the people that know me couldn't believe it when I told them that it is not me doing the content anymore. Why? "Because all those captions and stories sound just like you!" And this is exactly what I wanted from Oana: to be a consistent presence on Social Media through posts, stories and especially engagement, while keeping my personality alive in there.

Also, a very, very important aspect for me is that she is very open to any feedback and handles it like a real pro, because I can easily be considered a difficult client. BUT now I am a very happy difficult client 😆 So yeah, Oana is a rockstar!"
Anca Costea
CEO Pui de poze
Now it’s time to impress your partner with outstanding results in your business without working from rise ‘till dawn. You have the chance to make a difference in so many of your clients’ lives. Will you take it?

Are you ready to work smarter, not harder for your business to thrive? Are you ready to take one of the best decisions as a business owner and work with us?

Because we are ready. We know what it takes to work hard, we know how hard it is to entrust an important part of your life and soul to someone else, but we also know that fear, self-loathing and procrastination won’t take you anywhere.

As of today you won’t get up again with a pain in the chest that you have too much to do and don’t know how to reach your ideal client. You won’t be stressed out that the bills keep coming. Instead, you’ll do the happy dance when booking another client, feeling grateful that YOU are living your dream.

These businesses already took the smart decision to work with us.

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oana biciusca

I'm Oana Biciușcă

Founder of Biciusca Media, the brand that will make you memorable in the minds of your customers and convince them to buy from you through strategic marketing and psychology-based strategies.
oana biciusca

Sunt Oana Biciusca

Fondatoarea Biciusca Media, brandul care te va face memorabilă în mintea clienților tăi și îi va convinge să cumpere de la tine prin marketing strategic și strategii bazate pe psihologie.