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How content marketing can drive leads & conversions for your business?

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Content marketing and strategy are the words you keep hearing around you, but you can’t seem to find the right recipe in your case. 

Maintaining the visibility of your business on social media is a real struggle nowadays.  You have tried posting at different hours, targeting a certain audience, running ads, sharing older posts, writing short captions or longer educational ones, using hashtags or not using hashtags… yet, everything seems to be just a lot of work and no results. 

It is so overwhelming that you even thought about quitting, leaving everything behind and going back to your 9:00 to 17:00 job. But it is your dream and you don’t want to just let it fade away.

Stop the quest for we are here to support you!

Who are we and what can we do for you?

Biciusca Media is an online content marketing agency that gives voice to little businesses around the world through content marketing, marketing strategy and content marketing growth

We offer solutions tailored for each entrepreneur and their specific domain of activity.

Our mission is to ensure that you and your business become more and more visible and that the content strategy we build together brings you leads and conversions at the end of the day.

We can support you with:

  •  identifying your avatar;
  • creating a content strategy suitable for your business and also appealing for the ideal customer;
  • finding the right tone of voice for your business;
  • assisting you in finding the right channels to make your voice heard in accordance with your specific niche;
  • writing the actual content for your social media pages or website;
  • schedule and publish the relevant content created to social media;
  • engaging with the audience through replies and answers to the messages;
  • advising you on best strategies to engage with your audience.

What exactly is content marketing and how can it help you?

Content marketing is based on creating and sharing valuable and constant content with a targeted audience in order to raise awareness towards your products or services, gain the audience’s trust and support and finally drive leads and conversions.

That is why all businesses should have a content strategy.

A content strategy is a plan to follow so that you don’t depend on inspiration or certain activities to “have something to post on your page”.

Depending on a business’s needs a strategy can be outlined starting with the social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn) to the website or blog.

Content marketing is the key to make your business known to the public, but also to get to know their preferences, wishes, grievances or dreams. 

Keep in mind that in order to engage with your audience you need to understand it first and address exactly their needs.

We can support you with that. Contact us here for a free social media or website audit!

Why should you be consistent and constant in your social media strategy?

Social media platforms change every day.

They are based on different algorithms that learn human behavior and use it to give to the public the content that brings them what they want or need.

How can you as a business owner use that to your advantage?

No matter how many changes Facebook or Instagram might deploy, one thing is certain, consistency and constancy have always brought great outcomes. 

That means that if you are a constant presence on social media and you post relevant content for your niche, the results will soon appear.

5 ways you as a business owner can benefit from having a high quality content strategy:

If what we mentioned so far hasn’t convinced you that a content marketing strategy is the key to grow your business and gain more customers, please take into consideration the following 5 ways you can avail from content marketing:

  1. It helps you and your brand gain visibility by convincing your audience to come back to you. Content marketing is the most common way of earning your public’s attention.
  2. You gain your clients’ confidence, thus you will have brand ambassadors that trust and support your business at all times.
  3. High quality content marketing can bring more leads to your website or blog and convert visitors into potential clients.
  4. You can position yourself as a specialist and your business can gain authority in your niche. This will also help position your company higher in Google search.
  5. Finally, your content strategy will lead to more conversions and thus more sales. On average it takes between 3 and 7 interactions between a brand and its audience before they become paying customers. So don’t delay that content strategy and contact us to book a call!

What is the biggest mistake you can make in terms of content?

One of the greatest mistakes entrepreneurs usually make is that they don’t put themselves in their customers’ shoes. They simply forget about the needs and desires of their ideal client and so their content is centered more on the selling part than on the client’s necessities. 

Thus, the content becomes irrelevant for the audience, so they don’t keep in touch with the brand even though it may offer the best solution for their situation.

At Biciusca Media we have worked with many entrepreneurs throughout time, but especially in the last 2 years since the social media strategy gained much more ground. 

Starting with 2020 when we were first bound to communicate mostly digitally, the presence in the online world has become a must for businesses. It is not only a way to sell products or services, but also a means of keeping in touch with the audience, of showing your interest in them.

Hence Biciusca Media has become a trusted partner for small businesses and we are ready to support you also with your creative process.

We have worked with clients from different backgrounds such as: wellness and beauty, human resources, restaurants, travel agencies, nutrition, coaching, health and safety and many more.

Don’t let social media scare you!

We are just at a call’s distance.

Contact us to start working to get you a great content strategy for you and your company!

oana biciusca

I'm Oana Biciusca.

Welcome to my digital home where you will find strategies, resources and most importantly, the PEOPLE who can deliver transformative results in your business through marketing done right.

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biciusca media content agency

I'm Oana Biciusca.

Welcome to my digital home where you will find strategies, resources and most importantly, the PEOPLE who can deliver transformative results in your business through marketing done right.

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oana biciusca

I'm Oana Biciușcă

Founder of Biciusca Media, the brand that will make you memorable in the minds of your customers and convince them to buy from you through strategic marketing and psychology-based strategies.
oana biciusca

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