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I’m Oana, the founder of Biciusca Media, a content agency that empowers women to create successful businesses through powerful words and proven strategies that sell.

I’m a firm believer that each of us has amazing gifts and talents and you do too. Hone in your unique power and create the business that truly speaks to your soul. Then let us be your digital marketing savvy people that create deep relationships with your audience, making them convert again and again.

Biciusca Media team and I are here for you to feel confident that you can create the life you love by having a successful business that truly speaks to your heart.

We are working with businesses from medical domain, restaurants, event planning, coaching, marketing, health & fitness, interior design, handmade products, photography and so much more.

Did you know that marketing is in top 6 reasons why businesses fail?

Not reaching the right people is costing you money, making you frustrated and overwhelmed, but most importantly is costing you your business. Your life as you know it might never be the same again just for this one mistake.

Here is the problem you are facing now: you are lacking the knowledge, time and resources to create a content strategy that will attract the right people towards your business, which means you are losing money every second your business is on the market.

Not only that you don’t live up to your business’s full potential, but you can lose everything you have build with hard work just because you are afraid to lose control and try to do it all on your own. And it drives you crazy because you don’t have any free time, your spouse is complaining that you always work and yet…this is not enough.

Luckily for you, you are reading this. You are finally acknowledging that something needs to change for you to truly blossom. Here, at Biciusca Media, we have the right tools and resources to transform your business by engaging your ideal clients, persuade them and make them convert.

Take your time back and take your passion to the next level, because we are here to do the marketing work, while you relax and just do what you love in your biz.

Oana biciusca media content marketing agency about us

I’m a mamma bear for Olivia, so I feel your overwhelm, your lack of time and the desire to spend more time with your family instead of working 12h/a day but with not enough results. I’ve got you covered. You are not alone anymore and we’ll make those clients love you for who you are and what your business represents.


"Oana and her team are extraordinary on copywriting. We are collaborating for over a year now and each time they have exceeded my expectations! They are always creating the texts with emotion, pouring the souls on paper and you can see that this is their passion.

Each text we have received from Biciusca Media team has generated new clients and made us better than the competition. We have become known in our town because of their texts. Even if in the beginning I didn’t think that we would have results so good and so quickly, but I’ve discovered a talented team and since collaborating with them they succeeded to impress me!

Thank you Biciusca Media for all the help you’ve provided! Not often you can find someone who can write in such a professional manner. I can say that they are one of the most talented girls in copywriting from Romania!"
Norbert Sandor
CEO Gold Promo Agency
"I recommend Biciusca Media with all my heart! We are collaborating since 2018 and they succeeded to surprise me every time with the articles they write. Their creativity, professionalism and quick adapting to the clients needs, have truly brought a lot of value to the SEO campaigns that I’m working on. Their honesty and quick delivery of every written material are just two of the qualities they own well. I highly recommend them!"
Cristian Hîrcu
CEO SEO Data Agency

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I'm Oana Biciușcă

Founder of Biciusca Media, the brand that will make you memorable in the minds of your customers and convince them to buy from you through strategic marketing and psychology-based strategies.
oana biciusca

Sunt Oana Biciusca

Fondatoarea Biciusca Media, brandul care te va face memorabilă în mintea clienților tăi și îi va convinge să cumpere de la tine prin marketing strategic și strategii bazate pe psihologie.