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Take the decision today to become visible online and generate conversions easily, while you leave your mark in this world.

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Social Media Marketing

Create an authentic brand that converts

Did you know that 78% of consumers are willing to buy from a brand after having a positive experience with them on Social Media?

This means that if you are not taking advantage of Social Media you are losing money every day and this potentially could lead into losing your business, because your competition is more active on Social Media driving conversions.

Luckily, we are a team of women with years of Social Media experience and we can help you build your online brand and transform your target audience into customers.

Isn’t it frustrating that each time you finally start to understand how Social Media works, the algorithm is changing? You don’t have the time to keep up with all the changes and still be the business owner you dream to be.

Yet, Social Media is so important that you can’t ignore it if you want to be ahead of your competition. Stop the frustration of not knowing what to say on Social Media, what channels to choose, how to engage with your audience and what you need to do to grow your page. Stop wasting your energy and time trying to keep up with the algorithm, challenges in the business, and not being there for your family.

Start attracting the right clients in your business and turn them into ambassadors for your brand!

What you will get by choosing Biciusca Media:

Need a Social Media Queen or a digital marketing strategist who can drive positive results in your sales? Contact us below.

What our customers say about us…

"I’ve met Biciusca Media team when I was a newbie on Instagram. I didn’t have a clue about how to market my business on Instagram, it was like a foreign language for me. But then I met there the most wonderful team and they helped me to make my story heard, to market my handmade products with storytelling and reach the right audience. And most importantly, I’ve learned from them how to make myself everything related to Social Media and that was so great and helpful for me.🤍

Thank you Biciusca Media team for all their support and for making my passion to know the online world!🤍"
Mihaela Stan
CEO Mtelier
"We are working with Oana from Biciusca Media for over an year. In the first month we have synchronized our content styles, on wording and brand voice. Since then we are working together better every month that passes by.

We advise each other when we want to do some changes and we take decisions together when we feel there are some gaps in our content activities.

For sure Oana is part of Distory family.❤️ Thank you Oana for your help and contribution! We hope to have an even more fruitful and long collaboration. Sky is the limit!🤗 We are relying on the collaboration we have with Biciusca Media team."
Diana Sonea
the-one-with-lots-of-ideas from DiStory


Captivate your audience

Are you struggling to find the best words when you are trying to sell your products/services?
Ignite your website content, your funnel elements and your Social Media account through content that sells in a way that is not salesy.

We are taking advantage of the persuasive copywriting principles so you persuade your prospects into buying from you on an unconscious level.

Our secret sauce is defining your client avatar so well, that we craft the messages in a way they trust your brand and feel empowered to buy from you, instead of the competition.

We help you with the best way to present your products/services so you captivate your audience and drive them to take action.
Stop the overwhelm of not knowing what to say, how to say it and what power words to choose and start driving sales through your amazing content.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level by addressing to your prospects the right words that connect with them profoundly and drive conversions?

Oana biciusca content agency

Content writing

Empower your prospects to buy

Have you ever wondered how big brands become…well, big? We have researched and saw that besides having great products/services, they also have a great content strategy in place which helps them turn cold prospects into happy customers.

Content writing is designed to educate and entertain your audience, creating blog articles, cheat sheets, infographics, eBooks, how to guides, white papers, reviews, case studies, newsletters, social media posts and so much more.

Content writing is usually in close relationship with SEO, because while we create content for your client avatar, you should also take advantage of the search engines algorithms for more website traffic. 

Are you experiencing low traffic on your blog? We can audit your blog to see if it answers to your prospects’ questions, is designed to take the prospects through all customer journey stages and has also keywords included, in order to create a better content strategy that will pay off in the long run, especially that you can repurpose that content in so many ways.

Let us be your content strategists who create content that truly works for your specific business and drive conversions.

Email marketing

Turn strangers into brand ambassadors

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but email marketing is still the most powerful tool for sales in a business.😉

When you know how to allure your prospects with a great email subject line, create an email that speaks directly to them and end with a Call-To-Action that feels natural for them to react on, you can call yourself a winner.

Not only that email marketing is still the most powerful selling tool, but it’s such an easy way to be authentic with your audience and transform them into brand builders.

All you need is a great content strategy that drives your audience through all the customer journey stages and then the sales come naturally.

Here, at Biciusca Media, we are writing with emotion, making the audience feel your brand, make them feel heard and listened to, and see how what you offer is the best choice for them to fulfill those needs and desires.

Psychologically speaking, people are mostly running from a pain they have, or toward a burning desire, so with our help, you can identify so clearly your client avatar that you will be amazed how much sales you make.

Turn strangers into loyal subscribers who love your brand and generate sales to reach your goals by hiring us to be your content savvy team.

Are you already seeing some good results on email marketing? Great. Let’s keep that momentum and create content that connects with your audience on an emotional level.

We want them to become your brand ambassadors and help you make the impact you’ve always wanted.

Oana biciusca media content agency email marketing

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Founder of Biciusca Media, the brand that will make you memorable in the minds of your customers and convince them to buy from you through strategic marketing and psychology-based strategies.
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